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Amana Dishwasher

Don't let a broken Amana Dishwasher ruin your day. Repair your Dishwasher with parts from We offer low prices, award winning service and same day shipping on all Amana Dishwasher parts to help you repair any of your home appliances.

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Part Number: 3400065
Easy Part Number: EAP346011

This screw is sold individually.

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Hose Clamp

Part Number: 285655
Easy Part Number: EAP334591

This hose clamp is sold individually.

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Inner Door Foam Insulation Strip

Part Number: W10117748
Easy Part Number: EAP2177516

Helps prevent leaking from the door area.

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Door Seal

Part Number: 99002588
Easy Part Number: EAP2099940

It provides a waterproof seal between the tub and the door.

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Part Number: 489355
Easy Part Number: EAP378042

This screw is sold individually.

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Water Deflector

Part Number: 99001885
Easy Part Number: EAP2099342

This black water deflector is sold individually. It is used to keep water away from the dishwasher door.

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Docking Station with Flappers

Part Number: 6-917647
Easy Part Number: EAP2340934

The docking station is located on the water supply tube at the far back. It provides water to the upper and middle spray arm and also includes the flappers.

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Upper Rack Wheel

Part Number: 99003147
Easy Part Number: EAP2100439

Sold individually.

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Adjustable Peg Clip

Part Number: Y912709
Easy Part Number: EAP2202596

This dishrack clip is used with dishwasher dishracks that have adjustable pegs. Sold individually.

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Dishrack Guide Rail Stop

Part Number: 99002135
Easy Part Number: EAP2099534

This part is sold individually.

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Water Inlet Valve

Part Number: 6-920534
Easy Part Number: EAP2365872

This water inlet valve should be located behind the lower kickplate panel in either the right or left corner. The attaching solenoids on the valve open and close according to the desired amount of water needed.