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Caloric Appliance Parts

Caloric Appliance Parts

Don't let a broken Caloric Appliance ruin your day. Repair your Appliance with parts from We offer low prices, award winning service and same day shipping on all Caloric Appliance parts to help you repair any of your home appliances.

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Door Catch Kit

Part Number: LA-1003
Easy Part Number: EAP2162263

This kit comes in two pieces: the catch and the clip.

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Part Number: W10029710
Easy Part Number: EAP1489760

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Front Burner

Part Number: Y07699100
Easy Part Number: EAP1757573

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Broil Element

Part Number: Y0063532
Easy Part Number: EAP1745901

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Light Blub - Fluorescent - 18 Watt

Part Number: 95292
Easy Part Number: EAP401143

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Light Rocker Switch

Part Number: 1118894
Easy Part Number: EAP316042

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Bake Element

Part Number: Y07409600
Easy Part Number: EAP2197296

The terminals are twenty-one inches apart and have a depth of two inches.

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Burner Knob

Part Number: Y0307217
Easy Part Number: EAP2192629

Sold individually.

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Oven Seal - Top or Bottom

Part Number: Y07623602
Easy Part Number: EAP1757448

This piece of oven door seal has a metal hook on each end. This seal is compatible with the top and the bottom of the oven door window.

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Drip Pan

Part Number: 786333
Easy Part Number: EAP387060

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Spark Ignition Module with Bracket

Part Number: 32020101
Easy Part Number: EAP2034431