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Electrolux Appliance

Electrolux Appliance

Don't let a broken Electrolux Appliance ruin your day. Repair your Appliance with parts from EasyApplianceParts.com. We offer low prices, award winning service and same day shipping on all Electrolux Appliance parts to help you repair any of your home appliances.

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SCREW-#8-18 X 1/2

Part Number: 240363402
Easy Part Number: EAP1525982

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Water Filter Base

Part Number: 240396002
Easy Part Number: EAP976499

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Hexagonal Screw

Part Number: 241710601
Easy Part Number: EAP1526503

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Igniter/Orifice Mounting Screw

Part Number: 316240600
Easy Part Number: EAP440022

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Rear-Mount Ice Maker Assembly

Part Number: 5303918344
Easy Part Number: EAP1992700

This icemaker mounts to the back panel in the freezer section of the side by side refrigerator. This kit includes the icemaker, power cord, bail arm and fill cup.

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Part Number: 215005101
Easy Part Number: EAP1525528

This screw is sold individually.

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Crisper Glass Insert

Part Number: 240350649
Easy Part Number: EAP645378

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Defrost Thermostat Kit

Part Number: 5303918214
Easy Part Number: EAP469522

This kit includes the clip, leads and heat shrink.

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Run Capacitor

Part Number: 5304464438
Easy Part Number: EAP2333670

This part is attached to the compressor. It helps the compressor kick on and off while maintaining a constant temperature to keep things frozen in your freezer.

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Steel Washer

Part Number: 316008401
Easy Part Number: EAP436497

Size: 3/4 inch od x 1/4 inch id

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Hinge Mounting Hexagonal Screw

Part Number: 240578902
Easy Part Number: EAP1526054

Sold individually.