Electrolux Freezer Parts Electrolux Freezer Parts

Electrolux Freezer Parts

Electrolux Freezer Parts

Don't let a broken Electrolux Freezer ruin your day. Repair your Freezer with parts from EasyApplianceParts.com. We offer low prices, award winning service and same day shipping on all Electrolux Freezer parts to help you repair any of your home appliances.

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Run Capacitor

Part Number: 218909912
Easy Part Number: EAP817298

This part helps the compressor kick on and off while maintaining a constant temperature to keep things frozen in your freezer.

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Fan Blade

Part Number: 240524102
Easy Part Number: EAP2361234

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Evaporator Fan Blade

Part Number: 5308000010
Easy Part Number: EAP473177

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Hinge Mounting Hexagonal Screw

Part Number: 240578902
Easy Part Number: EAP1526054

Sold individually.

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Part Number: 297114000
Easy Part Number: EAP1527533

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Ice Container

Part Number: 240385201
Easy Part Number: EAP430380

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Part Number: 5303305677
Easy Part Number: EAP464532

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Micro Switch

Part Number: 5304456667
Easy Part Number: EAP1532720

This part aids in the dispensing of ice or water.

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Defrost Heater

Part Number: 216730700
Easy Part Number: EAP426768

This part is located at the bottom of the evaporator. The defrost heater heats the evaporator in the defrost mode of operation to keep the cooling coils from frosting over. The thermostat must be replaced when replacing the defrost heater.

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Hex Head Screw

Part Number: 5304455650
Easy Part Number: EAP1532376

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Door Gasket - Black

Part Number: 216522311
Easy Part Number: EAP976120

This black door gasket is used to make an air-tight seal for the cabinet when the door is closed.