Fridge Parts

Fridge Parts

Fridge Parts

Don't let a broken Fridge ruin your day. Repair your Fridge with parts from We offer low prices, award winning service and same day shipping on all Fridge parts to help you repair any of your home appliances.

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Door Shelf

Part Number: 240351601
Easy Part Number: EAP430027

This white bin can also be used on the freezer door on some models. Sold individually.

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Refrigerator Door Shelf Bin

Part Number: 240338101
Easy Part Number: EAP429873

Sold individually.

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Door Shelf Retainer Bar End Cap - Left or Right Side

Part Number: WR2X8345
Easy Part Number: EAP298977

This end cap is sold individually. It can be used for the right or left side of either the freezer or refrigerator door shelves.

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Main Electronic Control Board

Part Number: WR55X10942
Easy Part Number: EAP2364946

This board controls the operation of the unit. Note: This part has been updated by the manufacturer. It may differ in appearance but will function the same as the original.

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Refrigerator Door Shelf Bin

Part Number: 240338001
Easy Part Number: EAP429871

Sold individually.

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Drawer Slide Rail - Right Side

Part Number: WR72X240
Easy Part Number: EAP306944

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Water Filter

Part Number: WF2CB
Easy Part Number: EAP503621

Puresource2 ice and water filtration system. May appear different than the original, but will function the same.

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Ice and Water Filter

Part Number: MWFP
Easy Part Number: EAP8746144

Sold individually. NOTE: As per the manufacture this is an updated water filter. If you have never installed the updated filter or your old filter was made by Culligan, you may need the adapter to install the filter. GE Refrigerator Water Filter. If you have never installed this new style filter or your old filter was made by Culligan you may need the adapter to install it.

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Defrost Timer - 60Hz 120V

Part Number: 215846602
Easy Part Number: EAP423801

This defrost timer will cycle for thirty minutes after every eight hours of run time.

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Refrigerator Door Shelf Retainer/Bin

Part Number: 240337901
Easy Part Number: EAP429868

This is generally the middle shelf for your fresh food door.

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Meat Pan with Handle

Part Number: 2188664
Easy Part Number: EAP890595