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Ice and Water Filter

Part Number: MWFP
Easy Part Number: EAP8746144

Sold individually. NOTE: As per the manufacture this is an updated water filter. If you have never installed the updated filter or your old filter was made by Culligan, you may need the adapter to install the filter. GE Refrigerator Water Filter. If you have never installed this new style filter or your old filter was made by Culligan you may need the adapter to install it.

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Ice Maker

Part Number: WR30X10093
Easy Part Number: EAP1993870

Replacement icemaker kit - electronic. This kit includes a 4 pin round plug-in connector, 6 post plug-in connector, tube and fill cup.

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Front Drum Bearing

Part Number: WE3M26
Easy Part Number: EAP960316

Slides are NOT included. This part helps your dryer operate as quietly as possible. Note: The drum slides should also be replaced when your replacing the drum bearing.

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Single Lower Rack Wheel

Part Number: WD12X10074
Easy Part Number: EAP259087

This wheel is located on the lower rack. It is sold individually and does NOT come with the attaching axle.

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Rear Drum Bearing Kit

Part Number: WE25M40
Easy Part Number: EAP267529

This rear drum bearing kit comes with a shaft, bearing and installation instructions. The bearing plate comes with a slot in it for the ground strap. Helps keep your dryer running as smoothly as possible with as little noise as possible.

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Dual Inlet Water Valve

Part Number: WR57X10032
Easy Part Number: EAP304374

This double outlet water valve has quick connections. This valve has 1/4 and 5/16 John Guest fittings for the outlet lines and a 1/4 compression fitting for the inlet line.

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Lower Front Dishrack Wheel

Part Number: WD12X271
Easy Part Number: EAP259136

This wheel is located on the front lower rack. It is sold individually and comes with the attaching axle.

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Dispenser Door Assembly or Flapper

Part Number: WR17X11653
Easy Part Number: EAP964304

This part mounts in the ice dispenser. **** The crank no longer comes with this part. You can use original crank. The crank is sold separately depending on model number of appliance.

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Bearing Slide

Part Number: WR1X2048
Easy Part Number: EAP294809

Sold individually.

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Defrost Thermostat

Part Number: WR50X10068
Easy Part Number: EAP1017716

This part acts as a safety device against over heating in case of mechanical failure.

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Drawer Slide Rail - Left Side

Part Number: WR72X239
Easy Part Number: EAP306943

When looking inside the fridge, this white drawer slide rail is located on the left side of the refrigerator. Rail ONLY.