Garbage Disposer

Garbage Disposer

Garbage Disposer

Don't let a broken Garbage Disposer ruin your day. Repair your Garbage Disposer with parts from We offer low prices, award winning service and same day shipping on all Garbage Disposer parts to help you repair any of your home appliances.

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Splash Guard And Stopper

Part Number: 5303322507
Easy Part Number: EAP467579

With the splash guard and stopper it is a rubber cover that goes over the sink drain to allow you to put food items or water in to the disposal. This part stops liquids & food particles from splashing back up in to the sink. With normal wear & tear of the splash guard it will eventually need to be replaced.

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Screw - 6-32 x 5/16

Part Number: 74004005
Easy Part Number: EAP1857622

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Hose Clamp

Part Number: 596669
Easy Part Number: EAP380193

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Disposal Stopper/Starter

Part Number: 4211474
Easy Part Number: EAP357467

This is a garbage disposal start and stopper assembly. Also known as an Actuator.

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Sink Flange Gasket/Seal

Part Number: 4211302
Easy Part Number: EAP357365

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Part Number: WC15X10003
Easy Part Number: EAP5135663

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Screw - sold individually

Part Number: 98008545
Easy Part Number: EAP974964

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Part Number: 4211344
Easy Part Number: EAP357403

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Sink Flange

Part Number: WC15X45
Easy Part Number: EAP257389

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Part Number: 4211300
Easy Part Number: EAP357363

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Coupler, Flex

Part Number: W10171109
Easy Part Number: EAP2329520