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Jenn-Air Range

Jenn-Air Range

Don't let a broken Jenn-Air Range ruin your day. Repair your Range with parts from We offer low prices, award winning service and same day shipping on all Jenn-Air Range parts to help you repair any of your home appliances.

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Oven Rack

Part Number: 7801P173-60
Easy Part Number: EAP2360328

Used in the lower oven. Sold individually.

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Gas Oven Igniter - Vertical Mount

Part Number: 74007498
Easy Part Number: EAP2085070

This gas oven igniter is a little over three inches long. It has a white ceramic base and a gray silicon carbide igniter. This igniter assembly comes with its own metallic mounting bracket, and an eight inch long wire lead with a plastic plug.

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Door Gasket

Part Number: W10162384
Easy Part Number: EAP2328901

This oven door gasket comes with built in retaining clips.

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Grease Filter

Part Number: 707929
Easy Part Number: EAP2076846

This filter is intended for use with some downdraft cooktops and ranges. Sold individually.

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Grate Foot

Part Number: 74007356
Easy Part Number: EAP2084943

Sold individually.

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Part Number: 400021-1
Easy Part Number: EAP2040715

Sold individually.

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2 Piece Broiler Pan

Part Number: 4396923
Easy Part Number: EAP971245

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Part Number: 179051
Easy Part Number: EAP320716

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Surface Burner Receptacle Kit

Part Number: 12001676
Easy Part Number: EAP1570190

This kit comes with one ceramic block, metal bracket, wires, and hi-temp wire nuts.

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Inner Door Glass Pane

Part Number: 74003645
Easy Part Number: EAP2081701

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Part Number: 4159193
Easy Part Number: EAP354074

This screw is sold individually.