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Don't let a broken Kenmore Appliance ruin your day. Repair your Appliance with parts from We offer low prices, award winning service and same day shipping on all Kenmore Appliance parts to help you repair any of your home appliances.

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Drum Support Rollers

Part Number: 349241T
Easy Part Number: EAP347627

These two drum support rollers are no longer available for individual sale. Available in a package of two and it is recommended that you replace both rollers at once. These two rollers come with four tri-rings.

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Direct Drive Water Pump

Part Number: 3363394
Easy Part Number: EAP342434

It is intended for use with washing machines that do not have belts. This drain pump has two ports for water to pass through: a large one, and a smaller one.

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Crisper Pan

Part Number: 240337103
Easy Part Number: EAP429854

Also called Vegetable Drawer.

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Replacement Ice Maker

Part Number: 4317943
Easy Part Number: EAP358591

***NOTE: Ice maker does NOT come with the bail or shut off arms. Must order them separately if required. It does come complete with flat and round plug wiring harness, the mounting hardware, and the instructions. Its harness can be reused. The ice maker will not fit refrigerators that have the ice auger mounted on the door.

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'M' Series New Style Coil Kit

Part Number: 279834
Easy Part Number: EAP334310

This gas dryer ignition coil set comes with two ignition coils: one three terminal Boost/Hold coil, and one two terminal secondary coil.

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Crisper Support

Part Number: 241993001
Easy Part Number: EAP2358879

This support can be used for both front and rear and is sold individually.

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Meat Pan with Handle

Part Number: 2188664
Easy Part Number: EAP890595

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Hose Clamp

Part Number: 285655
Easy Part Number: EAP334591

This hose clamp is sold individually.

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Lower Door Closing Cam

Part Number: 2182179
Easy Part Number: EAP327641

This door closing cam is located on the bottom of the fridge/freezer.

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Meat Drawer Rail - Right Side

Part Number: 240356501
Easy Part Number: EAP430126

As you look into the fridge, this drawer support track is located on the right hand side.

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Refrigerator Door Shelf Bin

Part Number: 240338101
Easy Part Number: EAP429873

Sold individually.