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Maytag Washer

Don't let a broken Maytag Washer ruin your day. Repair your Washer with parts from We offer low prices, award winning service and same day shipping on all Maytag Washer parts to help you repair any of your home appliances.

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Mounting Stem/Tub Seal Kit

Part Number: 6-2095720
Easy Part Number: EAP2351899

This kit comes with hub assembly, seal and spanner nut. If your washer leaks once full (with or without clothes in it) or leaks during agitation, then you should replace the seal.

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Rubber Foot Pad

Part Number: 210684
Easy Part Number: EAP2018517

This foot pad is made entirely of rubber and is gray in color. This pad is intended for use with washers and some dryers. Sold individually.

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Adjustable Levelling Leg

Part Number: 22003428
Easy Part Number: EAP2021026

Sold Individually. This adjustable leveling leg comes with a stop nut.

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Outer Tub to Pump Hose

Part Number: 213045
Easy Part Number: EAP2018693

This hose connects the outer tub to the pump of your washing machine.

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Tub Bearing Kit

Part Number: 6-2040130
Easy Part Number: EAP2347235

This kit is used on 2-belt washers. It is recommended to change the seal kit at the same time.

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Rubber Injector Valve

Part Number: 216201
Easy Part Number: EAP2019175

This part is commonly known to cause a leak at the top left corner of the outer tub. It fits over the injector nozzle.

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Brake Assembly

Part Number: 6-2011900
Easy Part Number: EAP2347233

This part aids in the spinning or agitating cycles.

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Spring Retaining Clip

Part Number: 22001650
Easy Part Number: EAP2019681

This front cover spring retaining clip is not quite an inch long. It is made entirely of metal and is used for some washing machines.

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Transmission Pulley and Bearing Kit

Part Number: 12002213
Easy Part Number: EAP2003651

Also known as Thrust Bearing Kit. This kit includes the pulley, washer, thrust bearing, 2 upper race washers and 1 lower race washer. These parts are not available separately - only available in this kit. A worn bearing causes slow or no spin.

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Drain Pump

Part Number: 35-6780
Easy Part Number: EAP2347193

This pump helps expel water from the washing machine and is activated after the spin speed is maintained for a specific period of time. This is a redesigned part. The pump now mounts on to the base of the washer - no mounting plate needed.

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Washer Lid Bumper

Part Number: 212716
Easy Part Number: EAP2018639