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Last year we ventured out into the social side of online interior design ideas. We envisioned a site that would allow users to showcase their personal design style and get inspiration for new design projects, thus, was born.

MicasaStyle was an online community where members shared photos of their own homes and discovered great home decorating ideas. The community members voted on their favorite spaces, asked questions, gave tips and got encouragement from the community to start their next decorating project.One of MicasaStyle's unique features was a photo-tagging element (similar to FaceBook's) that the members could use to label items in their photos.

Unfortunately though, after 9 months of hard work, the harsh realities are that the growth of MicasaStyle has been limited. Apart from a small group of core users who became the lifeblood of MicasaStyle, new users often left without posting rooms of their own. And although we still think the premise behind MicasaStyle was solid, we believe that the need for a site like this was filled by an existing competitor.Therefore, this note marks the end of our foray into online interior design ideas. Thanks to those users who actively participated in MicasaStyle and good luck in your future design endeavors.