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Lower Rear Rack Wheel and Axle Kit

EAP Number: EAP1993855
Manufacturer: GE
Part Number: WD12X10267

This GE lower rear rack kit contains one wheel, and one axle. It is designed for the rear of the dishwasher’s lower dish rack. This part is white in color, made from plastic and is approximately 2 inches in diameter.

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Expert Repair Guide

  1. To replace the lower rack wheel and axle, remove the lower dish rack from the dishwasher.
  2. Set the rack somewhere you can work on it easily.
  3. Apply pressure to the two tabs on the axle and gently pry it away from the rack, and slide the axle off.
  4. To reinstall, simply insert the new axle into the new wheel using firm pressure, until it locks in place.
  5. Now line up the hole in the axle and the clips with the rack, and press the axle and wheel onto the rack.
  6. Then simply place the lower rack back in the dishwasher.