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2332301-1-S-Frigidaire-316075104-Bake Element - Push On Terminals - 240V

Bake Element - Push On Terminals - 240V

EAP Number: EAP2332301
Manufacturer: Frigidaire
Part Number: 316075104

This Frigidaire bake element, replaces the lower element in the bottom of the oven. This element is designed with push on electrical terminals for ease of installation. This part is black in color, made from metal and is approximately 20 inches in length.

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Expert Repair Guide

  1. To replace a push on bake element, first disconnect power from your oven.
  2. Then remove any racks that maybe in the way.
  3. Then remove the two screws that hold the element to the oven liner.
  4. Once they’re removed, gently slide the elements forwards.
  5. This will expose the spade terminals and wires attached to either end of the element.
  6. Carefully detach the wires and remove the old element.
  7. Inspect the terminals to ensure there’s no corrosion or burnt wires.
  8. Place the new element in the oven, making sure the holes line up and then reattached the leads to either end.
  9. Once reattached, push the element back in place and put the screws back through the mounting tabs and reaffixing it to the oven liner.
  10. You can now replace the racks and reconnect power to the oven.