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429871-1-S-Frigidaire-240338001         -Refrigerator Door Shelf Bin
429871-1-S-Frigidaire-240338001         -Refrigerator Door Shelf Bin 429871-2-S-Frigidaire-240338001         -Refrigerator Door Shelf Bin 429871-3-S-Frigidaire-240338001         -Refrigerator Door Shelf Bin

Refrigerator Door Shelf Bin

EAP Number: EAP429871
Manufacturer: Frigidaire
Part Number: 240338001

This Frigidaire door shelf bin is sold individually. This part is white in color, made from plastic and is approximately 25 inches in length.

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Expert Repair Guide

  1. To replace the upper door shelf bin on your refrigerator you won’t need any tools.
  2. To begin this repair the first thing you’ll want to do is empty the shelf of any items that are on it.
  3. Now simply hold the shelf on both sides, lift up firmly, and pull it away from the fridge door.
  4. This is an excellent time to clean behind the old shelf.
  5. Once removed, inspect the tabs that are molded into the door liner, ensuring that they’re not damaged.
  6. Simply take your new shelf, line the hooks up over the two tabs, press it firmly down into place, and your repair is complete.