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334313-1-S-Whirlpool-279838            -Heating Element - 240V 5400W
334313-1-S-Whirlpool-279838            -Heating Element - 240V 5400W 334313-2-S-Whirlpool-279838            -Heating Element - 240V 5400W 334313-3-S-Whirlpool-279838            -Heating Element - 240V 5400W

Heating Element - 240V 5400W

EAP Number: EAP334313
Manufacturer: Whirlpool
Part Number: 279838

This Whirlpool heating element is strung with a coiled wire made of a nickel and a chrome alloy. This wire receives, but resists, a controlled electric current and as a result, the wire heats up. The heat produced is used to dry the clothes in your dryer. This part is silver in color, made from metal and is approximately 10 inches in length.

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Expert Repair Guide

  1. To replace the heating element, all you should need for tools is a nut driver and a pair of needle nose pliers.
  2. The first step is disconnecting power to the dryer, the second thing you should do is remove the dryer’s vent.
  3. You need to remove the vent, but you’ll need to pull the appliance away from the wall to access the back.
  4. Now you’ll need to remove all of the screws holding the back panel on.
  5. Once the back panel has been removed, you should now have access to the heating element.
  6. First, remove the high limit thermostat from the housing, it may be held on with a couple of quarter inch hex-head screws or it may be just held by the terminal onto the heater.
  7. Next you’ll remove the wires from the heather terminals, and then remove the screws holding the element to the housing.
  8. The heater will then just slide down and outward.
  9. Once you’ve located the terminals on the new heating element, slide it into the housing lining up the holes and reinstall the mounting screws.
  10. Then reinstall the thermostat, and the wires to the heater terminals, make sure they’re firm and a tight connection.
  11. You can then put your back panel back on, reattached your dryer vent and restore power to your dryer.

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