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Flat Style Oven Igniter Kit

Part Number: WB13K21
Easy Part Number: EAP231280

The flat style gas oven igniter included in this kit has a body length of 3-3/4". This kit comes with a mounting bracket and a wire connector with a plug. *Please note: the connector plug might need to be removed and spliced to range wiring using porcelain wire nuts. This part is used to heat your oven.

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Oven Rack

Part Number: 316067902
Easy Part Number: EAP437923

Sold individually.

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Bake Element - 240V

Part Number: 5303051519
Easy Part Number: EAP453960

This heating element is a partially open-style bake element. Carrying 240V and 2000W, it is 19-1/4" wide by 15" long. The two 90-degree push-on male spade terminals are 13-3/4" apart.

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Oven Rack

Part Number: WB48T10095
Easy Part Number: EAP6447646

Sold individually.

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Drip Bowl - 8"

Part Number: 316048413
Easy Part Number: EAP437595

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Infinite Switch Kit

Part Number: WB21X5243
Easy Part Number: EAP235991

The infinite switch controls the stove top surface burner. This switch will work with most of the electrical range models with coil burner elements.

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Single Screw Only

Part Number: WB1M1
Easy Part Number: EAP234320

Sold Individually.

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Light Bulb

Part Number: 5303013071
Easy Part Number: EAP453396

This 40 watt appliance light bulb are used for some ranges, refrigerators, and microwaves. They are sold individually.

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Infinite Burner Switch - 8" - 240V

Part Number: 316436001
Easy Part Number: EAP1145040

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Drip Bowl - 6"

Part Number: WB32X107
Easy Part Number: EAP244697

This six inch chrome drip bowl is intended for use with rolled terminal style plug in surface element units.

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Drip Bowl - 8"

Part Number: WB32X106
Easy Part Number: EAP244696