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Roper Appliance Parts

Don't let a broken Roper Appliance ruin your day. Repair your Appliance with parts from We offer low prices, award winning service and same day shipping on all Roper Appliance parts to help you repair any of your home appliances.

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Thermal Cut-Off Kit

Part Number: 279816
Easy Part Number: EAP334299

This clothes dryer thermal cut-off kit includes one high limit thermostat with a limit of 250 degrees Fahrenheit, and one thermal cut-off fuse (309 degrees). This kit also includes flat heaters with jumper wires.

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Direct Drive Motor Coupling

Part Number: 285753A
Easy Part Number: EAP1485646

This coupling kit is used between the motor and the transmission on direct drive washers with no belt. This is the newer version and is made with new metal sleeves for added strength.

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Leveling Foot

Part Number: 49621
Easy Part Number: EAP1609293

Sold individually.

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End Cap Trim Piece

Part Number: 2156006
Easy Part Number: EAP323627

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Light Rocker Switch

Part Number: 1118894
Easy Part Number: EAP316042

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Drip Bowl - 6"

Part Number: W10196406RW
Easy Part Number: EAP2366565

This part has been substituted by the manufacturer and has a hole in the center. It no longer has a solid bottom.

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Lint Filter with Handle

Part Number: 339392
Easy Part Number: EAP345247

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Direct Drive Water Pump

Part Number: 3363394
Easy Part Number: EAP342434

It is intended for use with washing machines that do not have belts. This drain pump has two ports for water to pass through: a large one, and a smaller one.

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Handle End Cap Kit

Part Number: 819342
Easy Part Number: EAP392679

This kit includes both upper and lower door handle end caps for both freezer and fresh food door handles. This is only available in chrome. All other colors are discontinued. Handle is NOT included. Handles must be ordered separately.

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Part Number: 4388540
Easy Part Number: EAP372052

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Cover Screw

Part Number: 308685
Easy Part Number: EAP335962

Sold individually.