Browse By Type

EAP has provided a system to quickly and easily find the right part for you!

Sample image of what browse by part looks like.

The search method, Browse By Type, is found on the lower left hand side of your screen.

Browse By Type parts are first categorized by appliance type. Choose the type of appliance you are looking to repair. For example: Refrigerator, Range/Stove, Dishwasher, Washer, Dryer, Microwave, Air Conditioner, and more. Click your “appliance type” to proceed.

Here is an example of a user getting ready to click the 'refrigerator' appliance type. They will then be shown parts for refrigerators only.

Easy Appliance Parts will then sort the appliance types for you by brand name. You may choose from such brands as; Maytag – Jenn-Air, Roper, Magic chef, Amana, Caloric, Crosley, Glenwood, Hardwick, Whirlpool – Kitchen Aid, Inglis, Estate, Roper, Frigidaire – Electrolux, Gibson, Tappan, White-Westinghouse, Kelvinator, GE – Hotpoint, Camco, and Sears – Kenmore.

Scroll down the list to find the one that matches your brand.
(If you do not know the brand of your appliance, you will need to locate your model number.)

The search has now been narrowed by appliance type and brand, all you need to do now is choose your part.

Refine your search by entering more details. This diagram is showing that no criteria has been entered. Start by filling in part type.

Determining your part type:

You do not have to select a part type in order to conduct a part search, though you should be aware that selecting a specific part type will greatly refine your search, giving you more exact results.

Refine your search by entering more details. Choose a group of parts to start with.

By clicking on the down arrow, as seen in the above diagram, you may choose from groups of parts that contain similar items. The current part type selected is “Knob – Handle –End cap – Button – Dial.” This group contains all of the door handles, timer knobs, shelf end caps, dial skirts, and push buttons for all appliances. Click the search button and all of the parts related to your appliance search will be brought to the top of the list.

If you are looking for a more specific part, it will be in that list; however, you may have to go to the following page to see it. To find the exact part you are looking for, you can enter more criteria. Here is an example on how to refine the search for a handle.

Measure the actual length of the handle you need.

Entering a specific part length is a very important component of conducting a part search. Again, you do not have to enter a length in order to conduct a search, though a specific length will greatly refine your search to give you the most exact results possible. Measure your part on its longest side. Start at the very base of the part and calculate its length (in inches) up to its top.

Locate the part length that is the closest in length to your part from the pull down menu. Here we have chosen 13” to 17.” The handle we are looking for is actually 17.”

Refine your search by entering more details. Choose the length of the part you are looking for.

You may also indicate what your part is made out of. For this example, we have chosen “Not Sure.” We are not sure if the handle is made of metal or plastic.

We do know it is all one color, so we have indicated by clicking under the “yes” column for “all one color.”

We have also chosen “no” for electrical, because we know the handle is not an electrical part.

Refine your search by entering more details. Click on the circle to indicate yes, no or not sure for each of the part descriptions. Metal, Plastic, All one color, or Eelectrical.

When you are ready to display the results click the search button.

Every time you make changes to the criteria you must follow by clicking the search button, for the parts list to refresh.

The search we have conducted reveals the handle we are looking for. You may then add the appropriate color handle to your cart.

This diagram shows the first two items, that appear from the search conducted above.

Each and every one of the Browse By Type parts has at least one photo. Sometimes there are more. These photos will help you identify if this is the part you are looking for. The grid lines indicate a one-inch spacing, and this will help you determine the actual size of the part you have found.

Keep in mind these parts are not all of the parts for all of the models, but they are the most popular parts. If the part you are looking for is not found, you may search using your model number.

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