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Tappan Dryer

Don't let a broken Tappan Dryer ruin your day. Repair your Dryer with parts from EasyApplianceParts.com. We offer low prices, award winning service and same day shipping on all Tappan Dryer parts to help you repair any of your home appliances.

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Heating Element Assembly

Part Number: 131553900
Easy Part Number: EAP418120

This dryer heating and housing assembly has terminals at four o'clock. This E-line assembly comes with a felt strip and insulators already attached.

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Flat Style Oven Igniter

Part Number: 5303935066
Easy Part Number: EAP470129

This flat style gas oven igniter has an amperage range between 3.2 to 3.6.

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Thermal Limiter - Limit 220

Part Number: 134120900
Easy Part Number: EAP419402

This thermal fuse limiter, with a limit of 220 degrees Fahrenheit, is manufactured for both gas and electric clothes dryers. Once the internal temperature of the dryer reaches 220 degrees, the heating element cuts out.

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Front Drum Seal

Part Number: 5303281049
Easy Part Number: EAP459776

Used with dryers with a 27-inch drum.

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Door Strike

Part Number: 5303207102
Easy Part Number: EAP455020

"Male" piece of a dryer door closing mechanism.

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Part Number: 134417000
Easy Part Number: EAP975849

Adhesive is sold separately.

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Bracket Screw

Part Number: 131205400
Easy Part Number: EAP417148

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Grounding Ball Clip

Part Number: 5303281020
Easy Part Number: EAP459767

This grounding ball clip is made of metal. Sold individually.

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Heater Assembly

Part Number: 131475320
Easy Part Number: EAP2378363

This dryer heating assembly has 5/16" terminal on the housing.

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Ball Hitch

Part Number: 131777700
Easy Part Number: EAP418736

You can get this part in a kit also.

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Part Number: 5303937186
Easy Part Number: EAP900236

This part ignites the gas within the dryer. Be sure to not handle this igniter by the gray part as it is very fragile.