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Drip Bowl - 6"

Part Number: 5303280336
Easy Part Number: EAP459618

This six inch heavy chrome drip bowl is compatible with electric ranges that utilize plug-in surface burners. This bowl has a narrow 3/8 inch lip.

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Drip Pan

Part Number: 5303131115
Easy Part Number: EAP454077

This round chrome drip pan contains a center hole of approximately four inches wide.

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Oven Light Socket

Part Number: 316116400
Easy Part Number: EAP439060

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Infinite Burner Switch - 8" - 240V

Part Number: 316436001
Easy Part Number: EAP1145040

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Surface Element - 8" - 220V

Part Number: 316442300
Easy Part Number: EAP2339241

4 Turn.

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Surface Element - 6"

Part Number: 316439801
Easy Part Number: EAP2339239

This element has looped terminal ends and comes with a black medallion center.

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Rear Drum Bearing Kit

Part Number: 5303281153
Easy Part Number: EAP459829

This kit includes one bearing, one ball shaft, one ball bearing, one ball bearing retainer, a small tube of high temperature lubricant and installation screws.

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Broil Element

Part Number: 5303051140
Easy Part Number: EAP453940

This broil element is found on the roof of the oven.

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Light Bulb Lens

Part Number: 318406100
Easy Part Number: EAP2349721

This lens covers the interior oven light bulb.

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Defrost Timer - 60Hz 120V

Part Number: 215846602
Easy Part Number: EAP423801

This defrost timer will cycle for thirty minutes after every eight hours of run time.

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Top Burner Mounting Screw with Washer

Part Number: 316069301
Easy Part Number: EAP437925

This is now a new zinc and black-coated screw that will resist rust and seizing.