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Whirlpool Appliance Parts

Don't let a broken Whirlpool Appliance ruin your day. Repair your Appliance with parts from EasyApplianceParts.com. We offer low prices, award winning service and same day shipping on all Whirlpool Appliance parts to help you repair any of your home appliances.

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Ice Door Kit

Part Number: 8201649
Easy Part Number: EAP897356

This kit includes the ice door, support, spring and delay. The heater ribbon is no longer attached - the heater is no longer needed.

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Door Switch - 3 Wire

Part Number: 3406107
Easy Part Number: EAP346704

A door switch is a simple on/off mechanism that prohibits the dryer from operating when the door is open.

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Idler Pulley Assembly

Part Number: 691366
Easy Part Number: EAP383724

This part provides the tension required for a multi-ribbed belt. It also serves to help the belt to rotate the drum. This arm is what attaches to the idler pulley wheel.

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Part Number: 489478
Easy Part Number: EAP378101

Sold individually.

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Cycling Thermostat

Part Number: 3387134
Easy Part Number: EAP344510

Cycling thermostats continually cycle the heating element off and on to maintain a constant inner temperature. This particular cycling thermostat has a limit of 155 degrees Fahrenheit and a differential of 25 degrees. Meaning that with this thermostat, the heating element will cut out at 155 degrees and cycle back on once the internal temperature drops by 25 degrees.

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Door Bin

Part Number: W10321304
Easy Part Number: EAP3489569

This bin is clear with a white trim around the top edge. Sold individually.

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Defrost Timer Kit

Part Number: 482493
Easy Part Number: EAP376605

This eight-hour defrost timer will replace most other defrost timers. This device acts like a clock. It continually advances and alternates between activating the cooling cycle and the defrost heater. The best way to make sure you get the correct timer for your refrigerator is to conduct a search for your model number.

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Clutch Assembly

Part Number: 285785
Easy Part Number: EAP334641

A worn clutch can cause a slower spin speed which will leave your clothes wet after a cycle. This clutch assembly comes with brake cam driver, blue spring for large capacity washers and black spring for compact washers. As per factory, the green spring (1.24") replaces the black spring (1.46").

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Leveling Foot

Part Number: 49621
Easy Part Number: EAP1609293

Sold individually.

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Thermostat Assembly

Part Number: 2198202
Easy Part Number: EAP329884

The thermostat will sense the temperature increase in the evaporator during the defrost cycle and will cycle the defrost heater off after the ice or frost is melted.

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Shelf Frame with Glass

Part Number: W10508993
Easy Part Number: EAP4082908

This part is also known as Cover.