Whirlpool Trash Compactor Parts Whirlpool Trash Compactor Parts

Whirlpool Trash Compactor Parts

Whirlpool Trash Compactor Parts

Don't let a broken Whirlpool Trash Compactor ruin your day. Repair your Trash Compactor with parts from EasyApplianceParts.com. We offer low prices, award winning service and same day shipping on all Whirlpool Trash Compactor parts to help you repair any of your home appliances.

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15" Paper Compactor Bags - 12 Pack

Part Number: 675186
Easy Part Number: EAP382653

Moisture-resistant liner. Pre-cuffed.

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Touch-Up Paint - White

Part Number: 72017
Easy Part Number: EAP385132

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Part Number: 489478
Easy Part Number: EAP378101

Sold individually.

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Part Number: 90767
Easy Part Number: EAP398868

This screw is sold individually.

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Spray Paint - 12 oz. - White

Part Number: 350930
Easy Part Number: EAP347819

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Single Hex Head Screw

Part Number: 489069
Easy Part Number: EAP377920

Sold individually. The size of this screw is 1/4" hex head and 10-12 x 1/2".

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15" Compactor Bags - 15 Pack

Part Number: W10165295RP
Easy Part Number: EAP1964579

These bags will fit most 15" rectangular compactors.

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Container Handle

Part Number: 9871267
Easy Part Number: EAP405275

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Touch-up Paint - Black

Part Number: 72032
Easy Part Number: EAP385141

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Compactor Front Door Panel - Black/White

Part Number: 777941
Easy Part Number: EAP386773

This is one panel. It is black on one side and white on the other. Use according to preference.

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Deodorizer Block - Green Apple

Part Number: 9872166GA
Easy Part Number: EAP988865