White-Westinghouse Dryer Parts White-Westinghouse Dryer Parts

White-Westinghouse Dryer Parts

White-Westinghouse Dryer Parts

Don't let a broken White-Westinghouse Dryer ruin your day. Repair your Dryer with parts from EasyApplianceParts.com. We offer low prices, award winning service and same day shipping on all White-Westinghouse Dryer parts to help you repair any of your home appliances.

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Blower Housing with Blower Wheel

Part Number: 131775600
Easy Part Number: EAP418726

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Part Number: 131168200
Easy Part Number: EAP417085

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Lint Filter

Part Number: 131450300
Easy Part Number: EAP417841

This white dryer lint filter screen collects lint as it passes through the dryer vent.

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Bearing Bracket

Part Number: 131724300
Easy Part Number: EAP418632

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Adjustable Leveling Foot - Black

Part Number: 216396900
Easy Part Number: EAP425733

Sold Individually.

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Selector Knob

Part Number: 134844410
Easy Part Number: EAP2330885

This knob can be used with a washer or dryer and takes a D-shaped shaft.

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Drive Motor with Pulley

Part Number: 131560100
Easy Part Number: EAP418132

This motor has a double shaft.

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Door Handle

Part Number: 131644700
Easy Part Number: EAP418388

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Grounding Ball

Part Number: 5303281019
Easy Part Number: EAP459766

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Idler Arm Assembly

Part Number: 131863007
Easy Part Number: EAP1156706

Part may differ in color from image. Please note that this is only a cosmetic difference.

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Screw - Flat Head

Part Number: 134156200
Easy Part Number: EAP975699