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Part or Model Number Too Short

We found too many matches to list, please search again with full part or model number.

Searching by Model Number

  • The best way to locate your model is to search for only the first five to eight letters. It is easy to mistake 1 (one) and I or 0 (zero) and O.
  • You can search for a partial match for your model (based on the starting characters), but this may create a long list of models. If the list is too long, narrow your search by including more of the characters from the model number.
  • If your model is, for example, LAT9206BAE you can search for the full model number, or just LAT9206 or even just LAT92.
  • In order to keep searches fast for everyone, we limit the search results to 500 models.
  • Some manufacturers, like Amana (manufactured by Maytag), may have a second model number. If you search for the model number BDNS24L9A you will be presented with a list of secondary model numbers. This second model number is included on your appliance's model number tag.
  • Some models may have differences in their part numbers based on series. This represents a change in the model during its production cycle. The series is represented by the first digit or two of the serial number. Series numbers will be listed after the part, in red, in the model's parts list.
  • Sears does not release information about Kenmore models, but you can still locate the parts list if you can identify the manufacturer's model number from the model number tag.
  • Model Number Locations for Your Appliance

Searching by Part Number

  • You must type the complete part number into the search box to locate your part (no partial matches).
  • You can search for a part by its manufacturer's number, like WH1X2727.
  • Because different manufacturers sometimes have different parts with the same part number, we have a separate numbering system. All our parts have a numeric part number with the prefix "EAP". The GE WH1X2727 can be located by searching for WH1X2727 or by searching for EAP271100. You must include the "EAP" to search by EAP number.
  • Many manufacturers have changed their part numbers over time. Often they substitute some numbers, which can make locating your part difficult.
    • Common part number changes are:
    • Removing dashes: 2-11125 becomes 211125
    • Replacing dashes with one or more 0 (zeros): 9-799 becomes 900799
    • Adding a preceding 0 (zero): 8006907 becomes 08006907
    • Replacing the letter O with the number 0 (zero)
  • Part numbers printed on parts can sometimes be difficult to read, or be misleading. Often the number printed on the part is not the same as the manufacturer's part number. If you cannot locate your part, try searching for your model using the model number.