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Pump, Drain

EAP Number: EAP11740338
Manufacturer: Whirlpool
Part Number: WP2313705

This part is a drain pump for your ice maker. When you flush the reservoir on your ice maker to remove impurities, the drain pump is the part that removes the water from the reservoir. This is an authentic OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer. Disconnect power to your refrigerator before making this repair.

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Works with the following brands: KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Jenn-Air, Maytag, Kenmore, Amana.
Works with the following products: Ice Maker, Refrigerator.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP11740338
Manufacturer Part Number: WP2313705
Brand Model Number Description
Kenmore10689483700Ice Maker - ICE MAKER FREE STANDING
Kenmore10689489700Ice Maker - ICE MAKER FREE STANDING
Kenmore10689582701Ice Maker - ICE MAKER FREE STANDING
Kenmore10689582706Ice Maker - AUTOMATIC ICE MAKER
Kenmore10689583700Ice Maker - ICE MAKER FREE STANDING
Kenmore10689583701Ice Maker - ICE MAKER FREE STANDING
Kenmore10689583705Ice Maker - AUTOMATIC ICE MAKER
Kenmore10689583707Ice Maker - ICE CUBE MAKER
Kenmore10689589702Ice Maker - FREESTANDING ICEMAKER
WhirlpoolGI15NDXTB0Ice Maker - Freestanding
WhirlpoolGI15NDXTB1Ice Maker - Freestanding
WhirlpoolGI15NDXTB2Ice Maker - Freestanding
WhirlpoolGI15NDXTB3Ice Maker - Freestanding
WhirlpoolGI15NDXTB4Ice Maker - Freestanding
WhirlpoolGI15NDXTQ0Ice Maker - Freestanding
WhirlpoolGI15NDXTQ1Ice Maker - Freestanding
WhirlpoolGI15NDXTQ2Ice Maker - Freestanding
WhirlpoolGI15NDXTQ3Ice Maker - Freestanding
WhirlpoolGI15NDXTQ4Ice Maker - Freestanding
WhirlpoolGI15NDXTQOIce Maker
WhirlpoolGI15NDXTS0Ice Maker - Freestanding
WhirlpoolGI15NDXTS1Ice Maker - Freestanding
WhirlpoolGI15NDXTS2Ice Maker - Freestanding
WhirlpoolGI15NDXTS3Ice Maker - Freestanding
WhirlpoolGI15NDXTS4Ice Maker - Freestanding
WhirlpoolGI15NDXXB0Ice Maker - Freestanding
WhirlpoolGI15NDXXB1Ice Maker
WhirlpoolGI15NDXXQ0Ice Maker - Freestanding
WhirlpoolGI15NDXXQ1Ice Maker
WhirlpoolGI15NDXXS0Ice Maker - Freestanding