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11743851-1-S-Whirlpool-WP71001641-Surface Burner Knob

Surface Burner Knob

EAP Number: EAP11743851
Manufacturer: Whirlpool
Part Number: WP71001641

This surface burner knob is a little under two inches in diameter. It is a black knob with gray numbering indicating the temperature level of the surface burner: low, medium, high, off, and lite. Made entirely of platic, this knob will accept a 'D' shaped shaft.

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Works with the following brands: Jenn-Air, Kenmore.
Works with the following products: Cooktop, Vacuum.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP11743851
Manufacturer Part Number: WP71001641
Brand Model Number Description
Kenmore11620830Vacuum - VACUUM CLEANER
Kenmore11620831Vacuum - VACUUM CLEANER
Kenmore11620870Vacuum - VACUUM CLEANER
Kenmore11620871Vacuum - VACUUM CLEANER
Kenmore1162192180Vacuum - VACUUM CLEANER
Kenmore1162193180Vacuum - VACUUM CLEANER
Kenmore1162194180Vacuum - VACUUM CLEANER
Kenmore1162195180Vacuum - VACUUM CLEANER
Kenmore11621963Vacuum - SEARS VACUUM CLEANER
Kenmore11621964Vacuum - VACUUM CLEANER
Kenmore11621965Vacuum - VACUUM CLEANER
Kenmore11622972Vacuum - VACUUM CLEANER
Kenmore11622973Vacuum - VACUUM CLEANER
Kenmore11622974Vacuum - VACUUM CLEANER
Jenn-AirCCG406BCooktop - Gas
Jenn-AirCCG406LCooktop - Gas
Jenn-AirCCG406SCooktop - Gas
Jenn-AirCG100BCooktop - Gas
Jenn-AirCG100LCooktop - Gas
Jenn-AirCG100SCooktop - Gas
Jenn-AirCG106BCooktop - Gas
Jenn-AirCG106B-CCooktop - GAS COOKTOP
Jenn-AirCG106S-CCooktop - GAS COOKTOP
Jenn-AirCG200Cooktop - Gas
Jenn-AirCG200BCooktop - Gas
Jenn-AirCG200LCooktop - Gas
Jenn-AirCG206BCooktop - Gas
Jenn-AirCG206B-CCooktop - Gas
Jenn-AirCG206B-ECooktop - Gas
Jenn-AirCG206LCooktop - Gas