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EAP Number: EAP11770337
Manufacturer: Whirlpool
Part Number: W11032824

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Works with the following brands: Caloric, Amana, Speed Queen.
Works with the following products: Range, Dryer.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP11770337
Manufacturer Part Number: W11032824
Brand Model Number Description
Amana2917Range - GAS RANGE
Amana2920ARange - GAS RANGE
Amana2927Range - GAS RANGE
Amana2930ARange - GAS RANGE
Amana2940ARange - GAS RANGE
Amana2950ARange - GAS RANGE
Amana2960ARange - GAS RANGE
Amana2967Range - GAS RANGE
Speed QueenDE1160Dryer - Residential, Portable
AmanaRBK22AA093MRange - Gas
CaloricRBK22AA093M-P1142718NWRange - Range (gas)
CaloricRBK22AA093M-P1142910NWRange - Range (gas)
CaloricRBK22AA093M-P1142944NWRange - Range (gas)
CaloricRBK22AA093M-P1143030NWRange - GAS RANGE
CaloricRBK22AA093M-P1143134NWRange - GAS RANGE
AmanaRBK24AA093MRange - Gas
CaloricRBK24AA093M-P1142719NWRange - Range (gas)
CaloricRBK24AA093M-P1142748NWRange - Range (gas)
CaloricRBK24AA093M-P1142946NWRange - Range (gas)
CaloricRBK24AA093M-P1143032NWRange - GAS RANGE
CaloricRBK24AA093M-P1143136NWRange - GAS RANGE
CaloricRBK26AA093M-P1142720NWRange - Range (gas)
CaloricRBK26AA093M-P1142750NWRange - Range (gas)
CaloricRBK26AA093M-P1142947NWRange - Range (gas)
CaloricRBK26AA093M-P1143034NWRange - GAS RANGE
AmanaRBK29AA093MRange - Gas
CaloricRLS112Range - Slide-in, Gas
CaloricRLS113Range - Slide-in, Gas
CaloricRLS305Range - Slide-in, Gas