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1537672-1-S-Frigidaire-A316011400        -Drip Pan

Drip Pan

EAP Number: EAP1537672
Manufacturer: Frigidaire
Part Number: A316011400

This part is located beneath the element and catches any spills.

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Works with the following brands: Frigidaire, Tappan, Gibson.
Works with the following products: Range.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP1537672
Manufacturer Part Number: A316011400
Brand Model Number Description
Frigidaire2343-87ARange - GAS RANGE
Frigidaire2823Range - GAS RANGE
Frigidaire2823-80BRange - GAS RANGE
Frigidaire2843-80ARange - GAS RANGE
Frigidaire2843-80BRange - GAS RANGE
Frigidaire2843-80CRange - GAS RANGE
Frigidaire2853Range - GAS RANGE
Frigidaire285940ARange - FRIGIDAIRE GAS RANGE
Frigidaire285940BRange - GAS RANGE
Frigidaire2873Range - GAS RANGE
Frigidaire2873BRange - GAS RANGE
Frigidaire2883Range - GAS RANGE
Frigidaire2883-80ARange - GAS RANGE
Frigidaire2883-81ARange - GAS RANGE
Frigidaire2883-81BRange - GAS RANGE
Frigidaire2893Range - GAS RANGE
Frigidaire2893-80BRange - GAS RANGE
Tappan30-2272-00Range - TAPPAN GAS RANGE - 5995292421
Tappan30-2272-00-01Range - Gas
Tappan30-2272-00-02Range - Free Standing, Gas
Tappan30-2272-00-03Range - Free Standing, Gas
Tappan30-2272-00-04Range - Gas
Tappan30-2272-00-05Range - Gas
Tappan30-2272-00-06Range - Gas
Tappan30-2272-00/07Range - Free Standing, Gas
Tappan30-2272-23Range - TAPPAN GAS RANGE - 5995292421
Tappan30-2272-23-01Range - Gas
Tappan30-2272-23-02Range - Free Standing, Gas
Tappan30-2272-23-03Range - Free Standing, Gas
Tappan30-2272-23-04Range - Gas