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224009-1-S-GE-WB02X10733        -Charcoal Filter

Charcoal Filter

EAP Number: EAP224009
Manufacturer: GE
Part Number: WB02X10733

NOTE: The charcoal filter cannot be cleaned. It must be replaced. This metallic vent hood filter collects grease particles in the air from cooking.

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Works with the following brands: General Electric.
Works with the following products: Microwave.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP224009
Manufacturer Part Number: WB02X10733
Brand Model Number Description
General ElectricDVM1850DM2BBMicrowave
General ElectricDVM1850DM2WWMicrowave
General ElectricDVM1850DM3BBMicrowave
General ElectricDVM1850DM3WWMicrowave
General ElectricDVM1850DM4BBMicrowave
General ElectricDVM1850DM4WWMicrowave
General ElectricDVM1850DMBB01Microwave - Counter Top
General ElectricDVM1850DMWW01Microwave - Counter Top
General ElectricDVM1850MM2BGMicrowave
General ElectricDVM1850MM3BGMicrowave
General ElectricDVM1850MM4BGMicrowave
General ElectricDVM1850MMBG01Microwave - Counter Top
General ElectricDVM1850SM2SSMicrowave
General ElectricDVM1850SM3SSMicrowave
General ElectricDVM1850SM4SSMicrowave
General ElectricDVM1850SMSS01Microwave - Counter Top
General ElectricEMO4000JBB01Microwave - Counter Top
General ElectricEMO4000JBB02Microwave - Counter Top
General ElectricEMO4000JBB03Microwave - Counter Top
General ElectricEMO4000JBB04Microwave - Counter Top
General ElectricEMO4000JBB05Microwave - Counter Top
General ElectricEMO4000JCC01Microwave - Counter Top
General ElectricEMO4000JCC02Microwave - Counter Top
General ElectricEMO4000JCC03Microwave - Counter Top
General ElectricEMO4000JCC04Microwave - Counter Top
General ElectricEMO4000JCC05Microwave - Counter Top
General ElectricEMO4000JSS01Microwave - Counter Top
General ElectricEMO4000JSS02Microwave - Counter Top
General ElectricEMO4000JSS03Microwave - Counter Top
General ElectricEMO4000JSS04Microwave - Counter Top