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2349695-1-S-Frigidaire-318345214-Oven Rack

Oven Rack

EAP Number: EAP2349695
Manufacturer: Frigidaire
Part Number: 318345214

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Works with the following brands: Frigidaire, Crosley.
Works with the following products: Range, Wall Oven, Microwave Oven Combo.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP2349695
Manufacturer Part Number: 318345214
Brand Model Number Description
CrosleyBES384EB1Wall Oven - Free Standing, Electric
CrosleyBES384EB2Wall Oven - Free Standing, Electric
CrosleyBES384EB3Wall Oven - Free Standing, Electric
CrosleyBES384EB4Range - Free Standing, Electric
CrosleyBES384EC1Wall Oven - Free Standing, Electric
CrosleyBES384EC3Wall Oven - Free Standing, Electric
CrosleyBES384EC4Range - Free Standing, Electric
CrosleyBES384ES1Wall Oven - Free Standing, Electric
CrosleyBES384ES2Wall Oven - Free Standing, Electric
CrosleyBES384ES3Wall Oven - Free Standing, Electric
CrosleyBES384ES4Range - Free Standing, Electric
FrigidaireCGCS389EB1Range - Slide-in, Electric, Gas
FrigidaireCGCS389EB2Range - Slide-in, Electric, Gas
FrigidaireCGCS389ES1Range - Slide-in, Electric, Gas
FrigidaireCGCS389ES2Range - Slide-in, Electric, Gas
FrigidaireCGCS389FB1Range - Slide-in, Electric, Gas
FrigidaireCGCS389FB2Range - Slide-in, Electric, Gas
FrigidaireCGCS389FB3Range - Slide-in, Electric, Gas
FrigidaireCGCS389FS1Range - Slide-in, Electric, Gas
FrigidaireCGCS389FS2Range - Slide-in, Electric, Gas
FrigidaireCGCS389FS3Range - Slide-in, Electric, Gas
FrigidaireCGEB30S9DB2Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric, Wall
FrigidaireCGEB30S9DB4Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric, Wall
FrigidaireCGEB30S9DS2Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric, Wall
FrigidaireCGEB30S9DS3Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric, Wall
FrigidaireCGEB30S9FB1Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
FrigidaireCGEB30S9FB2Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
FrigidaireCGEB30S9FB3Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric
FrigidaireCGEB30S9FB5Wall Oven
FrigidaireCGEB30S9FS1Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric