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237021-1-S-GE-WB24X10055        -Blower Switch - 3 Speed

Blower Switch - 3 Speed

EAP Number: EAP237021
Manufacturer: GE
Part Number: WB24X10055

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Works with the following brands: General Electric.
Works with the following products: Cooktop.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP237021
Manufacturer Part Number: WB24X10055
Brand Model Number Description
General ElectricJGP989BC1BBCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP989BC2BBCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP989BC3BBCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP989BC4BBCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP989BK1BBCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP989BK2BBCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP989KC1CCCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP989KC2CCCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP989KC3CCCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP989KC4CCCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP989KK1CCCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP989KK2CCCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP989TC1WWCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP989TC2WWCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP989TC3WWCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP989TC4WWCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP989TK1WWCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJGP989TK2WWCooktop - Gas
General ElectricJP389BD1BBCooktop - Electric
General ElectricJP389BD1BBCCooktop
General ElectricJP389BJ1BBCooktop
General ElectricJP389WD1WWCooktop - Electric
General ElectricJP389WD1WWCCooktop
General ElectricJP389WJ1WWCooktop
General ElectricJP989B0D2BBCooktop - Electric
General ElectricJP989BC1BBCooktop - Electric
General ElectricJP989BD1BBCooktop - Electric
General ElectricJP989BD2BBCooktop - Electric
General ElectricJP989BD3BBCooktop - Electric
General ElectricJP989BD4BBCooktop - Electric