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271105-1-S-GE-WH1X2734          -Lid Switch Actuator

Lid Switch Actuator

EAP Number: EAP271105
Manufacturer: GE
Part Number: WH1X2734

This is part of the lid switch actuator mechanism and activates the lid switch, when the lid is closed, to start the wash cycle and when the lid is open, it stops the cycle.

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Works with the following brands: General Electric, Hotpoint.
Works with the following products: Washer.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP271105
Manufacturer Part Number: WH1X2734
Brand Model Number Description
General ElectricGJSRP080B1WWWasher
General ElectricGJXRP080B1WWWasher
General ElectricGNSR2090T9WWWasher
General ElectricLISR310CW0WWWasher
General ElectricLISR310CW1WWWasher
General ElectricS1070A1WWWasher
General ElectricS1070A4WWWasher
General ElectricS1070A5WWWasher
General ElectricS2000D0WWWasher
General ElectricS2000D2WWWasher
General ElectricS2200Y0WWWasher
General ElectricS2200Y3WWWasher
General ElectricS3200Y0WWWasher
General ElectricS3200Y1WWWasher
General ElectricS3500B0WWWasher
General ElectricS3600D0WWWasher
General ElectricSIG60100T0WGWasher - SIGNATURE WASHER
HotpointVBSR2080W0AAWasher - Residential
HotpointVBSR2080W0WWWasher - Residential
HotpointVBSR3100B0WWWasher - Residential
HotpointVBSR3100B2WWWasher - Residential
HotpointVBSR3100B3WWWasher - Residential
HotpointVBSR3100D0WWWasher - Residential
HotpointVBXR1070W0AAWasher - Residential
HotpointVBXR1070W0WWWasher - Residential
HotpointVBXR1070W2AAWasher - Residential
HotpointVBXR1070W2WWWasher - Residential
HotpointVBXR1090B0CCWasher - Residential