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296948-1-S-GE-WR24X422          -Cut-to-Fit Door Gasket Kit

Cut-to-Fit Door Gasket Kit

EAP Number: EAP296948
Manufacturer: GE
Part Number: WR24X422

This white cut to fit door gasket kit contains enough material for one door. This door gasket is used to seal the door when closed.

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Works with the following brands: Hotpoint, General Electric.
Works with the following products: Refrigerator.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP296948
Manufacturer Part Number: WR24X422
Brand Model Number Description
HotpointCTF19EBBRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTF19EBCRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTF19EBDRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTF19EBFRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTF19EBGRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTF19EBMRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTF19ECCRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTF19GBBRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTF19GBCRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTF19GBDRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTF19GBFRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTF19GBMRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTF19GCBRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTF19GCCRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTF20EFCRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTF22ECBRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTF22ECCRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTF22GCBRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTF22GCCRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTF23EFCRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTF23HFBRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX20EFBRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX20EFCRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX20EGBRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX20EGCRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX20EGRRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX20EHBRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX20EJBRRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX20GFBRRefrigerator - Top Freezer