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298590-1-S-GE-WR2X7674          -Door Shelf End Cap

Door Shelf End Cap

EAP Number: EAP298590
Manufacturer: GE
Part Number: WR2X7674

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Works with the following brands: Hotpoint, General Electric.
Works with the following products: Refrigerator.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP298590
Manufacturer Part Number: WR2X7674
Brand Model Number Description
HotpointCTX14AMCLADRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14AMCLWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14AMCRADRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14AMCRWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14AMDLADRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14AMDLWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14AMDRADRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14AMDRWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14AMELADRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14AMELWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14AMERADRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14AMERWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14CMCLADRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14CMCLWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14CMCRADRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14CMCRWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14CMDLADRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14CMDLWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14CMDRADRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14CMDRWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14CMELADRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14CMELWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14CMERADRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14CMERWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14EMCRADRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14EMCRHARefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14EMCRWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14EMDRADRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14EMDRHARefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTX14EMDRWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer