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304722-1-S-GE-WR60X177          -Condenser Fan Motor

Condenser Fan Motor

EAP Number: EAP304722
Manufacturer: GE
Part Number: WR60X177

This condenser fan motor operates in a clockwise fashion. The fan itself has two 1/4 inch spade terminals. It carries 2 watts and 115 volts. This motor NO longer comes with cover for terminals.

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Works with the following brands: General Electric, Hotpoint.
Works with the following products: Refrigerator.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP304722
Manufacturer Part Number: WR60X177
Brand Model Number Description
HotpointCSF19AYXRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF20AABRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF20ABCRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF20ABMRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF20ACBRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF20ACMRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF20EABRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF20EASRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF20EBCRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF20EBDRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF20EBFRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF20EBGRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF20EBMRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCSF20ECBRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF20ECCRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF20ECMRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF22EBCRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF22EBDRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF22EBFRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF22EBMRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF22ECBRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF22ECMRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF22MBBRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF22MBCRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF22MBSRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF22TBCRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF22TBDRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF22TBFRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF22TBGRefrigerator - Side-by-side
HotpointCSF22TBMRefrigerator - Side-by-side