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EAP Number: EAP3522763
Manufacturer: LG
Part Number: 3H02932C

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Works with the following brands: LG.
Works with the following products: Air Conditioner.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP3522763
Manufacturer Part Number: 3H02932C
Brand Model Number Description
LG851067Air Conditioner
LGHBLG180Air Conditioner - ROOM A/C
LGHBLG1800RAir Conditioner - ROOM A/C
LGHBLG1803RAir Conditioner
LGHBLG2504EAir Conditioner - ROOM A/C
LGL1804RAir Conditioner - ROOM A/C
LGL1810ERAir Conditioner
LGLW-B0810CLAir Conditioner - ROOM A/C
LGLW1510ERAir Conditioner
LGLW1511ERAir Conditioner
LGLW1512ERSAir Conditioner
LGLW1810ERAir Conditioner
LGLW1810HRAir Conditioner
LGLW1810HRY1Air Conditioner
LGLW1811ERAir Conditioner
LGLW1811ERY1Air Conditioner
LGLW1812ERSAir Conditioner
LGLW1812HRAir Conditioner
LGLW2410HRAir Conditioner
LGLW2412HRAir Conditioner
LGLW2510ERAir Conditioner
LGLW2511ERAir Conditioner
LGLW2511ERY1Air Conditioner
LGLW2512ERAir Conditioner
LGLWHD1450ERAir Conditioner - ROOM A/C
LGLWHD1500ERAir Conditioner - ROOM A/C
LGLWHD1800RAir Conditioner - ROOM A/C
LGLWHD1807HRAir Conditioner
LGLWHD2400HRAir Conditioner
LGLWHD2500ERAir Conditioner