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Light Receptacle

EAP Number: EAP472807
Manufacturer: Frigidaire
Part Number: 5304424251

Bulb sold separately.

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Works with the following brands: Frigidaire.
Works with the following products: Microwave.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP472807
Manufacturer Part Number: 5304424251
Brand Model Number Description
FrigidaireCFMV145BC1Microwave - Table Top
FrigidaireCFMV145KB1Microwave - Table Top
FrigidaireCFMV145KB2Microwave - Table Top
FrigidaireCFMV145KS1Microwave - Table Top
FrigidaireCFMV145KS2Microwave - Table Top
FrigidaireCGLMV168CB1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCGLMV168CQ1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCGLMV168CS1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCGLMV168KB1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCGLMV168KQ1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCGLMV168KS1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCPLMV168CC1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCPLMV168KC1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT144G1B1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT144G1B2Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT144G1W1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT144G1W2Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT148G1B1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT148G1B2Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT148G1T1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT148G1T2Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT148G1W1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT148G1W2Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT148GPB1Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMT148GPB2Microwave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMV145BC1Microwave - Table Top
FrigidaireFMV145KB1Microwave - Table Top
FrigidaireFMV145KB2Microwave - Table Top
FrigidaireFMV145KB3Microwave - Table Top
FrigidaireFMV145KS1Microwave - Table Top