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EAP Number: EAP978631
Manufacturer: Frigidaire
Part Number: 318212200

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Works with the following brands: Frigidaire, Electrolux, Kenmore.
Works with the following products: Wall Oven, Microwave Oven Combo, Microwave, Range.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP978631
Manufacturer Part Number: 318212200
Brand Model Number Description
Kenmore79047172400Wall Oven
Kenmore79047179400Wall Oven
Kenmore79047732400Wall Oven
Kenmore79047733400Wall Oven
Kenmore79047734400Wall Oven
Kenmore79047739400Wall Oven
Kenmore79047762400Wall Oven
Kenmore79047763400Wall Oven
Kenmore79047764400Wall Oven
Kenmore79047769400Wall Oven
Kenmore79047782400Wall Oven
Kenmore79047783400Wall Oven
Kenmore79047784400Wall Oven
Kenmore79047789400Wall Oven
FrigidaireCPEB27S9DC1Wall Oven
FrigidaireCPEB27S9DC2Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric, Wall
FrigidaireCPEB27S9FC1Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric, Wall
FrigidaireCPEB27S9FC2Wall Oven - Canada / Wall
FrigidaireCPEB27S9FC3Wall Oven - Built-in, Electric, Wall
FrigidaireCPEB27S9FC4Wall Oven
FrigidaireCPEB27S9FC5Wall Oven
FrigidaireCPEW2785KF1Wall Oven
FrigidaireCPEW2785KF2Wall Oven
ElectroluxEI27EW35JS3Wall Oven - WALL OVEN
ElectroluxEI27EW35KB1Wall Oven - WALL OVEN
ElectroluxEI27EW35KB2Wall Oven - WALL OVEN
ElectroluxEI27EW35KW1Wall Oven - WALL OVEN
ElectroluxEI27EW35KW2Wall Oven - WALL OVEN