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979653-1-S-Frigidaire-5304440845        -Waveguide Cover

Waveguide Cover

EAP Number: EAP979653
Manufacturer: Frigidaire
Part Number: 5304440845

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Works with the following brands: Frigidaire.
Works with the following products: Microwave, Microwave Oven Combo.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP979653
Manufacturer Part Number: 5304440845
Brand Model Number Description
FrigidaireCFMV156DBCMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCFMV156DBDMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCFMV156DCDMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCFMV156DCEMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCFMV156DSCMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCFMV156DSDMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCFMV156FMAMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCFMV156FMBMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireCPLMB209DCBMicrowave - Table Top
FrigidaireFMV156DBAMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMV156DBBMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMV156DBCMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMV156DBDMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMV156DBEMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMV156DBFMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMV156DCAMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMV156DCBMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMV156DCCMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMV156DCDMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMV156DCEMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMV156DCFMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMV156DCGMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMV156DQAMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMV156DQBMicrowave - Hood Combo
FrigidaireFMV156DQCMicrowave - Hood Combo