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EAP Number: EAP11729544
Manufacturer: GE
Part Number: WR01X26468

This key is for freezers. If your key will not lock or unlock the freezer door, check it to see if it has been bent or damaged. If it has been damaged, you should look to replace it to avoid damaging the lock. The key should engage the locking mechanism with ease. These keys are sold separately, and should be stored somewhere safe and not next to the unit.

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Works with the following brands: General Electric, Hotpoint.
Works with the following products: Freezer.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP11729544
Manufacturer Part Number: WR01X26468
Brand Model Number Description
General ElectricFCF14SUAWWFreezer
General ElectricFCM13SMAWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM15CMAWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM15CMBWHFreezer - B Series
General ElectricFCM15CPAWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM15CPBWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM15DAAWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM15DABWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM15DACWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM15DMBWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM15DPAWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM15DPBWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM15DPCWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM15DPDWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM15DPEWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM15DPFWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM15DPGWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM15DTAWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM15DTBWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM15HDMAWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM15HDPAWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM15HDPBWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM15PUAWWFreezer - A Series
General ElectricFCM15PUBWWFreezer
General ElectricFCM15SUAWWFreezer - A Series
General ElectricFCM15SUCWWFreezer
General ElectricFCM16DJBWWFreezer - FREEZER
General ElectricFCM20DAAWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM20DABWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM20DACWHFreezer