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11757425-1-S-Whirlpool-WPY00206900-Electric Oven Thermostat

Electric Oven Thermostat

EAP Number: EAP11757425
Manufacturer: Whirlpool
Part Number: WPY00206900

The temperature of this thermostat ranges from 150 degrees Fahrenheit to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. When your oven is baking, this thermostat is allowing for 17 amps of energy and when your oven is broiling, this thermostat allows for 15 amps of energy. This thermostat has a thirty inch capillary and is used for some of Amana/Speed Queen's brands of electric ranges and ovens.

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Works with the following brands: Whirlpool, Roper.
Works with the following products: Range.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP11757425
Manufacturer Part Number: WPY00206900
Brand Model Number Description
RoperFEP210VL4Range - Electric
WhirlpoolFEP210VL6Range - Electric
RoperFEP210VW0Range - Electric
RoperFEP210VW1Range - Electric
RoperFEP210VW2Range - Electric
RoperFEP210VW3Range - Electric
RoperFEP210VW4Range - Electric
RoperFEP210VW5Range - Electric
WhirlpoolFEP210VW6Range - Electric
WhirlpoolRF0100XRN8Range - Electric
WhirlpoolRF0100XRW0Range - Electric
WhirlpoolRF0100XRW1Range - Electric
WhirlpoolRF0100XRW2Range - Electric
WhirlpoolRF0100XRW3Range - Electric
WhirlpoolRF0100XRW4Range - Electric
WhirlpoolRF0100XRW5Range - Electric
WhirlpoolRF0100XRW7Range - Electric
WhirlpoolRF0100XRW8Range - Electric
WhirlpoolRF0100XRW9Range - Electric
WhirlpoolRF010EXRW0Range - Electric
WhirlpoolRF010EXRW1Range - Electric
WhirlpoolRF010EXRW2Range - Electric
WhirlpoolRF014PXRW0Range - Electric
WhirlpoolRF3010XVN5Range - Freestanding, Electric
WhirlpoolRF3010XVW5Range - Freestanding, Electric