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Lint Filter (White Frame) – Part Number: WE18X25100

Lint Filter (White Frame)

EAP Number: EAP11767017
Manufacturer: GE
Part Number: WE18X25100

The lint filter is used to collect lint and debris as it passes through the dryer vent. It is recommended to clean the lint filter before every load. If your dryer takes too long to dry, the lint filter frame becomes damaged or the filter has torn you may need to replace the lint filter. The frame is white in color. This is a genuine OEM part.

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Works with the following brands: General Electric, Hotpoint.
Works with the following products: Dryer.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP11767017
Manufacturer Part Number: WE18X25100
Brand Model Number Description
General Electric62160T3WBDryer
General Electric62160T5WBDryer
General Electric62261T0WWDryer
General Electric62261T3WWDryer
General Electric633615Dryer
General Electric633616Dryer
General Electric633617Dryer
General Electric63361T0WWDryer
General Electric63361T3WWDryer
General Electric63361T5WWDryer
General Electric65300T0WBDryer
General Electric65300T3WBDryer
General Electric653615Dryer
General Electric653616Dryer
General Electric653617Dryer
General Electric65361T0WWDryer
General Electric65361T3WWDryer
General Electric65361T5WWDryer
General Electric65371T0WWDryer
General Electric65371T3WWDryer
General Electric65371T5WWDryer
General Electric662310Dryer
General Electric662311Dryer
General Electric662410Dryer
General Electric662411Dryer
General Electric662412Dryer
General Electric663615Dryer
General Electric663616Dryer
General Electric663617Dryer
General Electric66361T3WWDryer