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230454-1-S-GE-WB08T10021        -Halogen Light Bulb - 50W

Halogen Light Bulb - 50W

EAP Number: EAP230454
Manufacturer: GE
Part Number: WB08T10021

This light bulb is used in the interior oven.

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Works with the following brands: General Electric, Kenmore.
Works with the following products: Wall Oven, Range, Microwave Oven Combo.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP230454
Manufacturer Part Number: WB08T10021
Brand Model Number Description
Kenmore91146392300Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91146393300Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91146394300Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91146399300Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91149222300Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91149223300Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91149224300Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91149229300Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91149232300Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91149233300Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91149234300Microwave Oven Combo
Kenmore91149239300Microwave Oven Combo
General ElectricJ2C968BEK1BBRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2C968BEK3BBRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2C968CEK1CCRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2C968CEK3CCRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2C968SEK1SSRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2C968SEK2SSRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2C968SEK3SSRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2C968WEK1WWRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2C968WEK3WWRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2S968BEK1BBRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2S968BEK2BBRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2S968BEK3BBRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2S968BH1BBRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2S968BH2BBRange - Gas
General ElectricJ2S968BH3BBRange - Gas