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Rear Drum Bearing Kit – Part Number: WE25M40

Rear Drum Bearing Kit

EAP Number: EAP267529
Manufacturer: GE
Part Number: WE25M40

This rear drum bearing kit comes with a shaft, bearing and installation instructions. The bearing plate comes with a slot in it for the ground strap. Over time the drum bearing will wear out, once it has the dryer may make some noise and the drum bearing will need to be replaced. This kit will help keep your dryer running as smoothly as possible with as little noise as possible. This is a genuine OEM part. Please remember to disconnect the power to your appliance before starting your repair.

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Works with the following brands: General Electric, Hotpoint, Kenmore.
Works with the following products: Dryer, Washer Dryer Combo.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP267529
Manufacturer Part Number: WE25M40
Brand Model Number Description
Kenmore2661532110Washer Dryer Combo - LAUNDRY CENTER
Kenmore2661532212Washer Dryer Combo - HOME LAUNDRY COMBO
Kenmore2661532311Washer Dryer Combo - LAUNDRY CENTER (ELECTRIC)
Kenmore2661532312Washer Dryer Combo - LAUNDRY CENTER
Kenmore2661532412Washer Dryer Combo - HOME LAUNDRY COMBO
Kenmore2661532413Washer Dryer Combo - HOME LAUNDRY COMBO
Kenmore2671532110Washer Dryer Combo - LAUNDRY CENTER
Kenmore2671532211Washer Dryer Combo - HOME LAUNDRY COMBO
Kenmore2671532212Washer Dryer Combo - HOME LAUNDRY COMBO
Kenmore2671532311Washer Dryer Combo - HOME LAUNDRY COMBO
Kenmore2671532312Washer Dryer Combo - HOME LAUNDRY COMBO
Kenmore2671532412Washer Dryer Combo - HOME LAUNDRY COMBO
Kenmore2671532413Washer Dryer Combo - HOME LAUNDRY COMBO
Kenmore36361532110Washer Dryer Combo - HOME LAUNDRY COMBO
Kenmore36361532412Washer Dryer Combo - LAUNDRY CENTER
Kenmore36371532110Washer Dryer Combo - HOME LAUNDRY COMBO
General Electric61140418Dryer
General Electric61140419Dryer
General Electric61148418Dryer
General Electric61148419Dryer
General Electric62140418Dryer
General Electric62140419Dryer
General Electric62148418Dryer
General Electric62148419Dryer