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EAP Number: EAP3622971
Manufacturer: LG
Part Number: EBG61110708

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Works with the following brands: LG.
Works with the following products: Air Conditioner.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP3622971
Manufacturer Part Number: EBG61110708
Brand Model Number Description
LG259284Air Conditioner
LG259286Air Conditioner
LGLP070CED1Air Conditioner - Combined units PACKAGE UNIT
LGLP073CD2AAir Conditioner
LGLP073HD2AAir Conditioner
LGLP073HD3AAir Conditioner
LGLP090CED1Air Conditioner - Combined units PACKAGE UNIT
LGLP090HED1Air Conditioner
LGLP090HSD-Y8Air Conditioner
LGLP093CD3AAir Conditioner
LGLP093HD3AAir Conditioner
LGLP096CD3AAir Conditioner
LGLP096HD3AAir Conditioner
LGLP120CED1Air Conditioner - Combined units PACKAGE UNIT
LGLP120HEDAir Conditioner - Combined units PACKAGE UNIT
LGLP120HED1Air Conditioner - Combined units PACKAGE UNIT
LGLP123CD3AAir Conditioner
LGLP123HD3AAir Conditioner
LGLP126CD3AAir Conditioner
LGLP126HD3AAir Conditioner
LGLP150CED1Air Conditioner - Combined units ROOM A/C
LGLP153CD3AAir Conditioner
LGLP153HD3AAir Conditioner
LGLP155CED1Air Conditioner
LGLP155HED1Air Conditioner - Combined units PACKAGED A/C / HEAT PUMP
LGLP156CD3AAir Conditioner