Multi-Model Search

There are times when it is impossible for you to have a complete model match. For times like that, Easy Appliance Parts is here to help you do everything you can to get this part. If you did not get an exact model match your screen will look like this:

This is what your screen will look like if you do not get an exact model match to the numbers you have entered in the search box.

Most of the parts listed will be for your appliance, however, there may be parts listed here that do not match your particular model. Some of the items may differ according to color or electrical connections, or even design of the same part. How to find an exact match to your model number starts with locating your model number.

If you enter only the first few digits of your model number, you will receive a list of all models that match the digits you have entered. Manufacturers make many models that are similar, but do contain different parts. Enter as many of the digits of your model number as you can to refine your search as much as possible. Click the search button, to bring to you the matching parts. This list can be quite lengthy. You may scroll through the pages looking for your part, but Easy Appliance Parts has made this easier for you, by providing you with a tool to search by part description.

Search by Keyword

Here is where you can enter in a part description.This user is ready to click the search button after entering the word 'rack'. They could be looking for a part that is included in the rack for this appliance or the acutal rack itsef.

Searching for a part by keyword such as pump or belt will help you save time. A search box is located on the top, left hand side of your screen where you can type a "one word" description.

Link to display larger schematic image in upper pane.

You will get results showing you each part in your search that contains that word. Not all of the parts located will be in the same sections. You may scroll through the list of parts to find the part that interests you. If you do not quickly find the part you are looking for, try entering a new search word.

Link to show a list of parts used in a single diagram.

Each part matching your search belongs to a corresponding diagram. You may look at that digram by clicking the diagram itself, or the link 'See part #1 on this diagram.'

If you need a part from the same section click on the link 'See all parts for this section / diagram.' This section of parts will then fill the top half of your screen and the bottom half will have the parts itemized by diagram location. Since there is more than one model number involved in this type of search, you may find two or more choices for any particular item. Look at the items, and decsriptions closely to deterime which part is right for you. Once you have found the part you are looking for simply add it to your cart.

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