Determining your part type:
You do not have to select a part type in order to conduct a part search, though you should be aware that selecting a specific part type will greatly refine your search, giving you more exact results. Some part type groups contain items that may at first seem unrelated. Rest assured, we have formulated these part type groups based on what our research has indicated will be the most advantageous for you.

Determining your part length:
Entering a specific part length is a very important component of conducting a part search. Again, you do not have to enter a length in order to conduct a search, though a specific length will greatly refine your search to give you the most exact results possible. Measure your part on its longest side. Start at the very base of the part and calculate its length (in inches) up to its top. As a general rule, for parts with wires extending from the main body, we did not include the extending wires in the part's total length. Such is the case with gas dryer igniters. Most gas dryer igniters have a body length of four inches. They also have and extending wiring assembly which can be as long as five inches or even longer, depending on the igniter. In this case, the length of the igniter will be four inches.

Determining if your part is electrical:
A very good clue to use when deciding whether or not your part is electrical is to examine it for any metallic pieces. If, after you examine your part, you notice that the part is made up entirely of rubber, or plastic, or felt, then your part is certainly not electrical. Having said that, just because a part does contain pieces of metal, or is entirely made of metal, does not necessarily mean that it is an electrical part. Most screws, for example are made entirely of metal, but they are not electrical. Ask yourself a few probing questions to help you decide. Does this part conduct electricity? Does this part need to receive an electric current in order to function? Does this part close an electric circuit? Answering 'yes' to either of these questions will guarantee that you are searching for an electrical part. A 'no' answer will almost certainly mean that you are not looking for an electrical part. If you still cannot decide if your part is electrical or not, you can always select the 'not sure' option.

Determining what your part is made of:
It can be very difficult to decide what your part is made of. Parts are sometimes made up of any combination of many materials: rubber, plastic, metal, felt, glass, ceramic, and so on. To help narrow the field of selection, we ask you to indicate whether your part is metal or plastic, since most parts contain at least pieces of these two materials. If your part contains even a small component of either or both, then select the appropriate fields. If you are not sure, you can select 'not sure' for both metal and plastic. You will still be able to conduct your part search.

Determining your part's color:
Determining a part's color may at first appear to be a simple task, though the process can become quite complex. It is easy enough to tell the color of a part that is made up of only one color. Many timer knobs, for example are all black, or white, or gray, or almond. Unfortunately, most parts are not made up of only one color. Deciding what colors to include when deciding on your part's color can cause some uncertainty. These are the rules we use to determine a part's colors:
Adhesives - Glues - Sealants
The adhesives, glues, and sealants group includes glues, sealants, and high-temperature adhesives for felt seals, door gaskets, and more.

Determining your part's length:
In order to determine an adhesive's length, we looked at its longest side when it was placed on a grid of one inch square blocks. If the longest side of a given tube of adhesive is three and a half inches, then the tube of adhesive would be deemed four inches long. we round up to four inches for simplicity. Tubes of glues and sealants were handled in exactly the same fashion.

Determining your part's color:
To determine the color for a part like an adhesive, glue, or sealant, we decided to go with the colors of the packaging the substance comes in, as opposed to the actual color of the substance itself. So if the tube an adhesive comes in is black and blue, then its colors are black and blue. Regardless of the color of the adhesive itself.
Air Baffle - Dryer Drum Fin
Included in the air baffle and dryer drum fin group are the baffles that direct air flow in refrigerators, and the fins used in dryers to tumble clothing.

Determining your part's length:

Determining your part's color:

This group consists of all drive and pump belts used for washers, dryers, dishwashers, and microwaves.

Determining your belt's length:
The same method is always applied in determining a belt's length, regardless if the belt is of a fixed shape, or of a non-fixed shape. The belt is cut in half and laid out flat. The total length of the belt is determined by calculating the length (in inches) from one end to another.

Determining your belt's color:
Determining a belt's color for the most part, is fairly simple. Most belts are either black or clear rubber. There are a few belts, however whose color is a little more difficult to identify. Some black rubber belts are covered in a cloth-like material that is a speckled combination of black, white and gray. Just to keep things simple, we refer to these belts as being gray.
Blower Wheel - Fan Blade
This group contains fan blades and blower wheels for air conditioners, dehumidifiers, dryers, refrigerators, and freezers.

Bracket - Flange
In this group, you will find all types of brackets and flanges for all appliances.

Door - Door Seal - Hinge - Latch - Etc.
Within this group, we include all door and door-related parts such as seal, hinges, latches, and even entire doors.

Electrical Parts, No Heating Elements
This group consists of multiple electrical parts. Including: solenoids, light sockets, light bulbs, wires, power cords, wiring harnesses, and capacitors.

Electronics - Circuit Board - Touchpad
This group is made up of eletronic parts, circuit boards, touchpads, electronic oven controls, and diodes.

Felt Seal - Tub Gasket - Boot - Related
This group contains all felt seals, tub gaskets, o-rings, washers, boots, and boot seals.

Filter, Lint - Air - Water - Grease
Contained within this group are all lint filters, air filters, grease filters, charcoal filters, water filters, taste and odor filters for all dryers, ranges, stoves, vent hoods, refrigerators, microwaves, and dishwashers.

Hose - Tube - Spout - Reservoir
Found in this group are any and all drain hoses, tubes, water spouts, injector tubes, water reservoirs, and fill hoses.

Igniter - Gas Valve - Burner - Related
This group contains all igniters, gas valves, gas burners, and related parts for all gas dryers, ranges, and ovens.

Knob - Handle - Endcap - Button - Dial
This group contains all of the door handles, timer knobs, shelf end caps, dial skirts, and push buttons for all appliances.

Motor and Motor Assembly
The motor and motor assembly group contains motors and motor assemblies for all dryers, dishwashers, washers, refrigerators, freezers, trash compactors, and microwaves.

Pulley - Roller - Axle - Bearing
This group consists of all the idler pulleys, tension pulleys, rollers, wheels, axles, bushings, and bearings for washers, dishwashers, and dryers.

Refrigeration System
This refrigeration system group contains evaporator parts and condenser parts.

Retainer - Clamp - Screw - Bolt - Nut
This group contains all the retainer parts, clamps, screws, bolts, nuts, and clips for each appliance.

Spring, Door - Tension - Actuator - Etc.
The spring group contains all the different types of springs - tension, actuator, door - for all appliances.

Switch, Burner - Fan - Selector - Etc.
This group contains all switches for all appliances. In this group, you will find such switches as lid switchs, control switches, selector switches, and burner control switches.

Thermostat - Humidistat - Sensor
This group contains not only appliance thermostats, but also other temperature and humidity controls such as sensors and humidistats.

Trim - Panel - Grille - Plate - Grate
Within this group, we include all trim and trim-related parts such as trim pieces, panels, grills, plates, and grates.

This group contains floats for dehumidifiers, dishwashers, and humidifiers.

Within an accessories group for any appliance, we include items such as touch up paints, filters, and cleaners.

All Other Items Not Listed
Any item that does not belong to any other appliance group will end up in this group.

Dispenser, Ice-Water-Detergent-Etc.
This group contains all dispenser and dispenser-related parts for each appliance.

Glass, Cooktop - Shelf - Panel - Tray
Contained within this group are all the glass shelves, panels, trays, and ceramic cooktops for all appliances.

Heating Element, No Stove Burners
This group contains all heating elements, coils, and coil kits for ovens, refrigerators, dryers, dishwashers, and hot water dispensers.

Leveling Leg - Caster - Roller
In this group, you will find all types of levelling legs, casters, and rollers for all appliances.

Motor Spin Coupler - Tubing Coupler
This group contains all the motor coupling parts for all appliances.

Pad - Bumper - Snubber
Contained within this group, you will find all pads, bumpers, and snubbers for all appliances.

Pump - Drain Parts - Pump and Motor
The pump, drain parts, and pump and motor group contains all of pumps, pump housing, pump and motor assemblies, drain impellers, and related parts for both dishwashers and washsing machines.

Repair Manuals
The repair manuals group for any appliance contains the available service books for that appliance.

Shelf - Drawer - Dishrack - Rack
In this group, you will find all the shelves, drawers, dishracks, racks, and related items for all appliances.

Timer - Clock, Non-Digital
In this group, you will find timers and clocks for refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and ovens.

The tools group contains both specialized and standard tools for a given appliance.

Valve, Water Inlet - Drain - Backflow
In this group, we have included all water inlet valves, drain valves, syphon breaks, check valves, and backflow preventers.

Wash Arm - Support - Impeller - Seal
This group contains all the parts related to a dishwasher's spray arm. From the wash arm itself, to the wash arm support, to the impeller and seal.

Drawer Slides, Dryer Drum Glides
This group contains many glides and slides for dryer drums, oven drawers, and refrigerators.

Duct and Vent Parts, Internal - External
Contained within this group are all dryer venting and duct parts, both internal and external.

Ice Maker And Related Parts
This group contains parts for commercial icemakers and for the icemaker found in your refrigerator. Parts including installation parts, ice bin, ice augers, and complete icemaker kits.

Transmission - Clutch - Brake - Gear
The transmission, clutch, brake, and gear group consists of all transmission parts, clutch parts, brake parts, and gear parts for all appliances.

Stove & Oven Parts, Gas & Electric
The stove and oven parts group contains such parts as burners, surface elements, trim rings, drip pans, and drip bowls.

Tub and Drum, Washer and Dryer
In this group, you will find all washer and dryer tub and drum parts.

Agitator - Spline - Cam - Dog Ears
This group contains agitator and agitator-related parts, including cams, dog ears, and splines.