My dryer is tearing my clothes.

Investigate these three areas if your dryer is tearing your clothes:

Common dryer drum seal Front and Rear Seal

A worn, torn, or missing front or rear seal could be the reason your clothes are coming out of the dryer torn. The seal is designed to keep clothes from getting between the drum and the front or rear wall of the dryer. If this seal becomes worn or torn, your clothing may become lodged between the two parts. Because the dryer drum keeps turning, the clothes get ripped. Before you can examine and replace a dryer drum's seals, you have to remove the drum.

Typical dryer drum glide Dryer Drum Glides

Torn clothing could mean that the glides in your dryer have become defective. The glides support the drum towards the front of the dryer. They can wear over time, causing the drum to slump or sag toward the front of the dryer. When this happens, a pinch point is created at the top of the drum. It is this pinch point that can tear clothing. If this happens in your dryer, you will have to open it up and replace the entire set of glides.

Common drum support roller Drum Support Rollers

Another possiblity for torn clothing could be defective drum support rollers. The rollers support the drum in the back of the dryer. These too can wear over time, causing the drum to slump or sag in the back. Again, a pinch point is created, causing clothing to tear. If it is the drum support rollers in your dryer that have become defective, you will have to replace the entire set of rollers. You will have to open up your dryer's cainet and remove the drum before you can replace your drum support rollers.