Cancelling Your Order

You may cancel you order for any reason. No questions asked! Easy Appliance Parts processes your order as quickly as possible, so you must act fast. You have 60 minutes from the time you place your order to have it cancelled. Cancel your very own order on-line!!

The quickest way to get your order cancelled is through our self-service options. You will see an option to cancel your order when you check your order status. Once logged in to "check your order status" you will see at the bottom of your Customer Order Inquiry screen an option to cancel your order. Click the “cancel” button to proceed to the cancellation screen. You will also see the “cancellation link” in the confirmation email sent to you.

Example of the button you will see to cancel your item(s).

If you have multiple items on your order you may then choose which items you would like to cancel, and the quantities of each. Once you have chosen the items you would like cancelled please click the button “cancel the items.” You will then be emailed a cancellation confirmation.

Please Note: Your confirmation email may not arrive until after your purchase has already shipped, so please contact Easy Appliance Parts immediately at if you cannot check your order status and wish to cancel or make changes to your order.

Orders cancelled before any items have shipped will have all shipping costs refunded. If all or some of your order has been shipped before the order could be cancelled, you may then follow our regular returns policy. Returning an Item

Items cannot be added to your order once it is processed. You may wish to cancel this order and reorder with the additional items, thus saving you an additional shipping charge.

If you are not comfortable cancelling your order online please contact us immediately at or call .

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