How to adjust a glass carousel cooking tray:

Common microwave carousel cooking tray Adjusting a carousel cooking tray

Sometimes a carousel cooking tray cannot turn properly because it is not sitting correctly on the drive bushing. There should be a circular groove in the bottom of the microwave cavity keeping the turntable guide in place. Carefully place the glass tray over the turntable guide and onto the drive bushing. The drive bushing should fit neatly into the grooves on the bottom of your glass cooking tray. It may take some adjusting before the tray will sit properly onto the drive bushing.

A turntable tray not sitting on its bushing correctly may not be the only reason why it is not turning properly. Your turntable tray may be dirty and may not have a clear path for rotation. Inspect your tray for caked on food particles. Also examine below the tray for any food or other debris that may be hindering its movement. If you discover any objects hindering the tray's movement, thoroughly clean both the tray and below the tray with warm soapy water.

CAUTION: Your microwave oven is capable of giving you a serious electrical shock, even when it is unplugged. We strongly suggest you seek the assistance of an appliance repair technician when conducting any microwave oven repair.